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Getting a motivation hit

- April 19, 2008 2 MIN READ

Soloists love the freedom and control working alone gives us. However, recently I was reminded of how much I missed spending a day ‘at work’ with other human beings, and how working with others is a great way to get a motivation hit.

Us soloists miss out on the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with others. Recognising this, myself and two other independent business people came together for the day.

The idea was mooted by one of us months ago when she offered to open her home to other soloists. The idea was we’d congregate in one place and work together on a specific day. Sort of like having our own humming office.

Finally the date was agreed. It began as a joint planning day to help us get organised. We came up with a plan and three key objectives:

1. To work on something that needed to get done. Perhaps we’d been putting it off, or hadn’t allocated dedicated time to doing it.

2. To discuss and provide feedback to each other on one issue in our business.

3. The third objective, and ultimately the most important, was to have fun.

The day was a brilliant success. We caught up over coffee for the first half hour or so. Then we discussed what we each wanted to specifically achieve during the day. And then we just got to it. Several hours later we wrapped up our work and headed out for lunch. We used this time to provide the business feedback for each other. And we parted ways at around 3pm.

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Here’s why it worked so well

  • We were accountable to each other for our output for the day.
  • We provided frank and direct feedback to each other.
  • The venue easily catered for three people working together.
  • We could access the internet via her wireless network if required.
  • We already knew each other and had great relationships.
  • We had a great time!

The session provided me with the motivation hit I needed and I left feeling the most motivated I had been all year. For me the lesson was: don’t underestimate the power of spending time with others.

We each got so much from the day, we subsequently established an online place to keep each other updated and share what we are doing. And of course it has turned into a must-attend quarterly event in our calendars.

Do you spend any regular time with fellow soloists? If not, have I inspired you to give it a try? Let us know via a comment.