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Help! My client habitually ignores deadlines, should I drop them?

- September 22, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

Ever heard the phrase “one rule for me, another rule for thee?” Here’s my story…

I’ve had a long term client – over a year now – and lately they’ve become more delinquent in paying their invoices.

I work in a deadline driven industry – copywriting – and they expect me to file copy on time and in full when they hire me. However they aren’t extending the same courtesy when it comes to paying invoices by the due date.

I’ve expressed my displeasure at having to chase them but they still persist. I said I was getting tired following them up every single month. They apologised and said they’d do better, but haven’t.

They aren’t a major client, but at the same time, I value all my clients. Would it be remiss of me if I “dropped” them over this issue?

I’ve been told I’m not the most diplomatic when it comes to matters like this (by people with fuses so long it would make Wile E. Coyote envious) so I’d like to open it up to the talented FS folk for some advice.

What would you do?