Here comes the beginning of Plan B: how to stay chipper when things are not chipper

- March 26, 2020 2 MIN READ

Guess what? I lost my job of 3.5 years yesterday. Pretty crap. I loved my job and I love my ex-co-workers. I worked so so so hard, so I am pretty sad about this turn of events.

Times like this really highlight how being partnered may provide a safety net in the form of a teammate to go through this with, and being unpartnered may not.

All that said, I need a bit of a plan. No time to dilly-dally.

So while I am working myself out this FOURTEEN YEAR OLD blog is going to be my job. I am going to share ideas about how to stay chipper when things are not chipper. That means things to do, positive stories, stay ok mental health tips, music, kindnesses, snacks and more.

Just things that might make you feel a tiny bit better during these non-peachy times. But not twee things. No. More clever, cute, interesting, thoughtful or innovative things. Yes.

I will be back later today with today’s story, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

If you have not lost your job, maybe you can help me a tiny bit while I sort myself out?

I need to pay for my blog hosting ($100) each month to keep this site up. And I also need to pay for my internet ($80). Perhaps you could swing me a contribution towards that? But only if you re in a position to do so. If not that is okay! You can help by reading and sharing my posts. 🙂

My PayPal email address is meetmeatmikes@gmail.com if you are in a position to help me keep the blog up.

Account Details
Ms P J Lincolne
BSB : 083347
Account Number : 648071493

(Clearly I have other things to sort out too, but I just wanted to talk about this blog with the people who have been reading it over the years. I’ll work the other things out somehow, I reckon.)

And you could buy my book, if that sounds like your kind of thing. It’s called When Life Is Not Peachy. You can buy it or order it from anywhere that sells books – Readings, Booktopia, Kmart, Target, BigW, Amazon and more – and I will be paid a royalty (a percentage of the price you paid) in October 2020 or April 2021.

I am hoping to continue with working from home in the future as I have chronic asthma and compromised lungs due to multiple bouts of pneumonia and pleurisy. Don’t want to expose myself to the dastardly bug etc etc. Not being a slack cow, I promise.

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