Communication skills

How acronyms help articulation (HAHA!)

- October 11, 2009 < 1 MIN READ

If you find yourself struggling through responses to questions about your ‘customers’ needs’ or ‘your business vision’ or your ‘core values’ it may well be time to craft yourself a memorable acronym and file it away in your head.

Here at FSHQ we are frequently approached by people who’d like to explore doing something with us. Lucky ol’ us.

In the course of conversation, often initiated by us, comes the exploration of ‘fit’ and how well we’ll work together as people. Frankly if the fit isn’t right, we’re not interested. We’re more ylang ylang than snake oil.

Inevitably we talk about values and are trigger happy to expose our own. Out comes CHARM and off we ramble…

Community is what we’re all about and we attach great importance to the need for Harmony between work and play. All members of our community are treated with Appreciation and Respect, regardless of their opinion, situation, background or foreground.

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Finally, whatever we do has to have Meaning. There’s no shortage of information and ‘stuff’ in the world, if we’re not adding something useful there’s no point doing it.

This helps us make decisions that align with our values, and communicate them more clearly. Enough about us, what about you? Why not get to work translating some of your core messages into acronyms? Let us know how you go using acronyms.

Hmmm, I just figured that HAHA is a neat way to recall the title of this little missive, just not terribly helpful!