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How an audio message can improve your website

- February 14, 2007 2 MIN READ

Adding an audio message to your website helps your site visitors gain a better understanding of your products or services. Plus audio creates a bond and rapport with your website visitor, which makes them feel more at ease with you and your offering.

Also, it makes a great point of difference. No longer are you just another website amongst the hundreds or thousands that a prospective client may visit, but your website has a human dimension –  a voice – and this assists in making your website visitor feel comfortable and your website appear more professional and trustworthy.

So here are some examples of how audio can be used to enhance your website;

Personal messages

Adding a personal greeting, introduction or welcome audio message to your website is a great way to introduce yourself, your business, products or services. Website visitors may not read all of your text content or remember what they have read so a personal message increases the chances of them remembering the information about your products or services and your website.

Audio testimonials

Let your website visitors hear what your customers think about your business. Testimonials are always a terrific way to add credibility to your business but by adding them as audio content, your website visitors can hear enthusiastic voices talk about you and your business.


When giving instructions, a lot of people respond better to the spoken word and audio is a valuable tool.

So if you have a need to give instructions on your website, audio can help. You may want to simply guide website visitors through a task such as ordering products or offer short tips or tutorials.

Providing instructions as an audio file can make even the most complex written instructions easier to follow. It also prevents you from excluding those people who are auditory not visual learners.

By having the instructions in text on your website you are catering for visual learners, once you add audio you then make it easier for auditory learners to understand and relate to your message.

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Reinforce your sales message

Using audio on your website gives you the ability to guide your visitor through your site to featured products or services.

Audio is a powerful motivator, your voice can influence and persuade visitors to explore your website and therefore stay for longer. Audio improves the “stickiness” of your website.

What’s your view on websites with audio? Would it enhance your site or would you prefer to not have it? Add your comment to let us know.