Getting started

How being organised helps you set goals

- February 11, 2009 2 MIN READ

Do you feel too overwhelmed by lack of time, space or energy to set goals? Breaking the process down and being organised at every step will see you setting goals in next to no time.

To successfully set goals, you need to clarify, commit and celebrate.


Lots of people know what they don’t want, but struggle to articulate what they do want. One sure-fire way to get clear is to declutter, physically and mentally.

The following actions are usually very simple but incredibly effective ways of being organised. Give them a try!

On the physical level:

  • Use ‘no junk mail’ and ‘return to sender’ stickers.
  • Unsubscribe from excess email subscriptions.
  • Have separate work and personal email addresses.
  • Get rid of material possessions that do not serve you.
  • Ensure everything in your office has a purpose and a place.

On the mental level:

  • Use one diary or calendar only and consult it daily.
  • If you don’t know how to already, learn to say ‘no’.
  • Make a habit of responding to invitations with a standard “Thank you. I’ll let you know in 24 hours”.
  • Group your tasks: make phone calls, pay bills, create invoices and respond to emails in blocks of time.
  • Give multitasking a miss – it is so passé!

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Now you have new found clarity, you are ready to commit to your goals.

The first step to set goals is to write them down. This not only gives your goals energy, but acts as a visual cue. Create a Get Organised And Live (GOAL) book or journal. Avoid post it notes and scraps of paper. Honour your journal by allocating a place for it in your office. If you prefer goal setting software, ensure it, too, has an appropriate home on your computer.

Next, make a plan. Divide your goal into mini goals and set yourself timeframes. Set the final date and work backwards to determine the ‘mini goals’ you need to do each week. Schedule them into your diary. Megan Tough’s article How to set business goals lets you see anything is possible!


How good will it feel when you achieve your goal?

Tell family, friends and colleagues what you have achieved. Acknowledging and celebrating your achievements will inspire you to do more. Ensure you are organised enough to fit in a celebration. Block out time in your diary, no later than a week after the end goal date, for time to celebrate. And stick to it.

Keep a list of all the things you’d like to do to celebrate, so you’ll never be short of a reward! Start now. Get Organised And Live!