How do you build for ‘all or nothing’?

- January 31, 2020 < 1 MIN READ

Ben Campbell, from The Self Made Theory, says the book that has had the most influence on the way he runs his business is Ed Catmull’s, ‘Creativity Inc’.

Ed Catmull, President of Pixar & Disney Animation, is the author of the book, Creativity Inc – a shining example in the world of business about how to inspire and structure an organisation with both team and creativity at the core.

Many of you may know that Pixar was co-founded by Steve Jobs. While the book covers a lot of history about Pixar and Steve’s involvement, this book is really about how to build and inspire teams to achieve greatness.

Creating healthy feedback systems is a central tenement to why Pixar has been so successful.  In the film industry, unlike developing other products, you don’t iterate the design. There is no Minimum Viable Product (MVP) release that you can gain feedback from customers about what they like and don’t like, allowing you to change the product in version 2.0.

Film is all or nothing. It’s either a success or a failure. Good or bad. Hero or zero.

So, when you release the film, it must be the best it can be.  How do you do this without direct-customer feedback? Your team.

1. Provide and receive honest feedback (without upsetting people or taking offence)

2. Focus on the problems, not the people

3. Ideas become great when they are challenged and tested

4. Failure is an inevitable consequence of doing something new.  And it’s OK for leaders to talk about them.

5. Don’t build an organisation where there is more candour in the hallways than in the rooms where ideas are created, and decisions are being made.

This review was written by Ben Campbell, from The Self Made Theory.