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How exactly do bloggers make money?

- September 10, 2014 2 MIN READ

Today everyone is familiar with blogs, but I’m still frequently asked: “How do blogs make money?” Read on and you’ll find out.

In 2007 I launched the very first professional blogging course, Blog Mastermind, to teach people how to make a living from a blog. Blogging for money was still relatively new back then. 

The internet has changed in so many ways since blogs first burst onto the scene, yet no other method of making money online has remained as stable and consistent as blogging (I’ve been earning my living thanks to my blog since 2006!). 

Let’s take a look at how bloggers are making the big bucks today. 

1. Yes, it’s still advertising 

Everyone assumes this is how blogs make money, and the majority of blogs that do make money do so using ads. In particular, Google’s AdSense program is still by far the leading advertising system for bloggers. 

2. Affiliate income is great for hands-off income 

Affiliate products and services are very popular as a way to earn commissions from products and services that you sell, but that you do not have to create or support. 

You can choose to sell a whole range of physical and digital products from websites like,, and If you like writing reviews and don’t want the hassle of creating products yourself, affiliate programs are a good option. 

3. If you’re an expert, sell services 

Many bloggers are freelancers or experts who sell their services as consultants, e.g. web designers, copywriters, programmers or social media experts. Offline experts also use blogs to sell services. These experts include personal trainers, real estate agents, sports coaches and counsellors. 

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4. Creators sell their own products 

Selling self-created products is usually the most profitable path for solo-bloggers, but also the most challenging. You have to create your own products and set up the technical systems to deliver them. However, because you get to keep one hundred percent of the profits, generally speaking, your margins will always be best with your own products. 

5. Connect your people with live events 

Many blogs, big and small, are running live events either in person or hosting them online. Small workshops, retreats, seminars and large conferences can be big profit makers. Or if you don’t want the challenges of coordinating a physical conference, a live webinar or series of webinars is another way to earn money. 

What do I recommend? 

Over the years I have used nearly every method listed to make money with my blog. 

Based on my experiences and personal preference, today I focus on digital products and services as my income methods. 

I like the personal gratification that comes from helping others with digital products I personally create, like e-guides, audios, videos, group coaching programs and courses. 

This is the same sort of satisfaction that any creative person like an artist, author or musician experiences when they are paid well for doing what they love. 

The profit margins are amazing, since the cost of producing digital products is next to nothing – beyond your time of course. This means you get to keep nearly one hundred percent of every dollar you bring in, minus a few technical costs like web hosting and email newsletter services. 

What you choose to do with your blog depends on your industry. What I know for sure is that a blog is one of the most lucrative, stable and flexible online businesses available today. 

What are your thoughts on how bloggers make money?

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