How I’m coping with COVID-19: “We’re living day by day focusing on things that are within our control”

- May 12, 2020 2 MIN READ

It’s earth-shattering to have the rug pulled out from under you but it can also force us to make changes in ourselves as well as our businesses. I know that’s hard to see when you wondering where your next mortgage payment is coming from.

March was very intense for us. As soon as we heard the words “global pandemic” we started running massive sales to payoff the credit card and outstanding bills. We’ve been adjusting to being empty nesters and one of those changes was to buy a better boat that suited our ageing bodies.

It’s been great, plenty of snorkelling and fishing on the reef but there’s no money in the kitty for global pandemics so it was imperative we pay off as much as we could. Our sales last quarter we’re up by about 15% on last year as people reconnect with their gardens, shop online and plant things they can eat. And then it sort of all fell apart.

Australia Post was overwhelmed with packages, domestic flight stop carrying the mail and social distancing at post offices became a big thing. Delivery delays were effecting the quality of our product and we were also seeing a lot of new customers who weren’t familiar with our processes and didn’t read too much to familiarise themselves. Delivery problems is a terrible way for new customers to get to know your business. It got really stressful and hairy.

We’re still open but now only shipping to Queensland. We’re going into a slower time in the year anyway so we’ve applied for JobKeeper and are using the time to do things we never get around to and just breathe! The veggie garden is up and running and I’ve started online yoga. There’s enough money for fuel (as long as it pays for itself with fish) and we’re living day by day focusing on things that are within our control and trying not to freak out ruminating on second waves, the impending recession or zombie apocalypse.

After two natural disasters we’ve got a sense of where your headspace needs to be. You have to go into low gear and roll with the punches. Reserve your energy for the long battle ahead. It’s more guerilla warfare than tactical battle as you’ll be making your game plan up as things shift.

Good luck to everyone and be kind to yourself and others.

This story was posted by Ann in our Flying Solo forums.