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How to add excitement to every working day

- December 19, 2016 2 MIN READ

When every working day starts blurring into the next, it’s easy to lose enthusiasm and drive. This simple trick gives each day purpose and adds a touch of excitement.

Let’s be honest, there are times in business when it’s all a bit of a grind; when every working day feels like ground hog day. Add a crazy workload into the equation and life quickly becomes a blur. I would like to suggest a way to change this once and for all, and it’s kind of cool.

I suggest that you come up with a theme for every working day – as in a theme for Monday, a theme for Tuesday and so on. You put this theme in your calendar and then you make it happen. This doesn’t mean your whole day is spent working on these themes. It simply means you are mindful of them and act accordingly in amongst your regular daily tasks.

What kind of themes I hear you ask? Well, they need to be positive themes. They need to be themes that get you excited and looking at your calendar with a smile rather than trepidation. As an example, this is how my 2017 days are going to look:

Just the jobs I love Mondays

As much as possible I’m only going to schedule the projects I like, the clients I like and the meetings I like on Mondays so I really look forward to the day when I look at my list of commitments on the calendar in the morning.

Change the world Tuesdays

For me Tuesdays will be the day where I give back to others, acknowledge people who are making a difference, do my “give back” work, pay particular attention to making every interaction with other people meaningful and do everything I can to make the world a better place. These are also the days where I will go out of my way to thank people and be appreciative and grateful for everything I have in my life.

Build my business Wednesdays

This is the day where I will be proactive about growing my business. This means having more sales conversations, planning my products and services, talking to my existing customers about what they need and how I can better serve them – things like that.

Treat my body like a temple Thursdays

These are my health and vitality days where I will spend time really nurturing my body, eating well, exercising more than usual, doing some Yoga every hour and generally ending the day feeling fabulous and looking great!

Learn, grow and celebrate Fridays

Who doesn’t love Friday? When I make the time to learn new things, become better as a person, celebrate my successes over the past week and generally feel like I’m making progress – Fridays will become even more awesome.

The interesting thing about having theme days like this is that they soon become a habit, and you automatically start doing all of these things on a regular basis, not just on the assigned day. Then you can set new themes and they then become a habit after time, which of course means that we are constantly getting better, staying positive, growing and feeling like we moving forward.

Sometimes the simplest ideas can have the most profound effects. I’d love to hear what themes you might apply to your working days in the comments below.

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