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How to appeal to your target market

- July 23, 2007 < 1 MIN READ

Are you using clear marketing signals to appeal to your desired tagret market?

I was a bit miffed a couple of years ago when I read an article quoting the head of the Mambo design team as saying something to the effect that they didn’t want men my age walking around in their clothes any longer.

Apparently, research had shown that younger buyers were put off when people of their parent’s generation were sporting the label. That’s, like, you know, so totally gross.

Out of spite I continue to wear it.

This action by Mambo – although for me a tad blunt in execution – was very likely a smart move. More than most, the fashion industry clearly needs to keep its radar finely tuned to its target market.

There’s a parallel here for us soloists. While any customer may be a good customer in the early days, a little way down the track the story can change.
In the same way that our ideal clients shouldn’t have to stumble across us by accident, nor should our non-ideal clients be continually welcomed with open arms, or retained to the detriment of our enjoyment or income.

The fashion houses use a number of clear signals to appeal to their desired target market and let their non-ideals know the score. They use strong audience focused imagery and language in all their marketing material. They reinforce this with music, attitude and sizing in-store.

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As consumers we’re rarely left in any doubt regarding ‘is this for me?’

So what’s the equivalent in your business? Where might your marketing signals need a refresh? Why not add a comment to let us know how you attract the right customers, or tell us how you will fine-tune your radar to hit your target market.

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