How to beat exhaustion during CV-19

- April 30, 2020 2 MIN READ
  • Some people feed off the energy of having other people around them. Working in a busy environment with people coming and going is how they thrive
  • Some people now have more time alone with their thoughts than ever before, without the usual external distractions… and that can be very daunting
  • Some people find it difficult to be stationery, when we’ve been living at warp speed for so long – putting the brakes on and coming to a halt is a major shock to the system!

My clients are telling me they are actually missing getting up and getting dressed for work. Missing having somewhere to rush to, driving to work and stopping at their favourite coffee shop. Morning chats with people in the office, 3pm coffee rungs. All the little normal things we take for granted.

Are you too?

I went for a drive the other day to the post office. I was so excited to get out of the house going for a drive it reminded me of how excited my dog gets when she gets to hang her head out the window on car rides! (little things LOL!).

I guess the biggest take away from this whole experience is that the little things matter. Those simple daily activities we take for granted.

The truth is humans thrive on routine.

When we wake up and it’s ground-hog day and our only plan for the day is to move from our bed, to the kitchen, then to the couch desk… this actually drains our energy. We aren’t using our brain, we aren’t motivated or setting ourselves up for productivity.

My thoughts to help beat the EXHAUSTION:

1) Right now the best thing you can do for your mental health and your energy is to get into some sort of routine.

For me, my ultimate morning routine is my saving grace (10mins each = meditation, journalling, yoga). Up before anyone else in the house is awake. 30 minutes of me time. You can read about it in my Learn to Thrive Journal.

You have to find whatever routine works best for you.

All it is, is a pocket of time to set yourself up for a good day. A morning walk, reading a chapter of an inspiring book, going for a walk or job, or maybe you drink some warm water with lemon? And repeat daily. (I would not recommend as part of your routine include watching the news IR pick up your phone to scroll social media!)   

THEN, and only then you begin your day 🙂

2) Book in a couple things (activities, chats with friends, online fitness or pilates classes) EACH WEEK so that you have SOMETHING to look forward to! Something for yourself, an activity that is JUST FOR YOU.

I recently booked in a weekly morning meditation class, and a yoga class. Both are online and with teachers that I love. Both fill my cup with joy at the prospect of seeing these people EVERY week. The cost was minimal, they are also so happy to have work. I’ve committed to 4 weeks at a time. The benefit of knowing I have “somewhere to be” for me has been is HUGE! 

3) If you are still blessed to be working, but are struggling with the new “work from home” scenario (the juggle is real!) then I’ve got a short video with 7 tips that might just help you recoup some of your energy!

Watch here or head to my website blog

This post was written by Janel Briggs on LinkedIn and is republished here with permission.