How to create an instant office when you’re forced to work from home

- March 17, 2020 < 1 MIN READ

1.Set up a workspace (preferably a separate room, not the kitchen bench!) – it’s important to be in the zone as well as keeping potentially sensitive information safe

2. Plan out your week and then more specifically your day – distractions at home can really get in the way of work, but if your day is planned with specific tasks outline, its easier to stay on task (than do a load of washing).

3. Get into your to do list early, you don’t have a commute so get that work done so that you can get into life after work hours.

4. Have regular breaks. Do a lap around the block or go and hang out the washing that you put on before breakfast. It breaks up the day and gets a few steps in!

5. Set up some boundaries around social media. Delete the apps on your phone and turn off alerts to keep yourself on task.

6. Select a playlist that gets you in the zone for the sort of work youre doing, or put on the noise cancelling headphones for some quiet bliss.

Jo Palmer is the founder of Pointer Remote Roles, a remote workforce solutions company. They support organisations to leverage distributed teams as a means of attracting and retaining staff. They empower people to access the career they want, from wherever they live. And they are passionate about connecting metropolitan Australia with the regions. They’re also dedicated to helping any coronavirus impacted business establish a remote workplace in a hurry. If that sounds like you get in touch: www.pointerremoteroles.com