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How to create sticky customers

- July 31, 2015 2 MIN READ

Consumer habits and loyalties are changing fast, with more choice, information, devices and power than ever before. For those ready to adapt, it’s a huge opportunity.

What you’ll learn:

In this session hosted by Robert Gerrish, Jen Wells shares her proven techniques to delight and retain customers. The video opens with a discussion of some fascinating results revealed in a recent US study that shows when it comes to customer service, it’s not actually about what consumers think, but about how they feel.

If you don’t serve your customers, someone else will

Further research found that after poor customer service, 66% rapidly switched brands BUT 82% could have been stopped (if only the business in question had made some effort).

How emerging technologies are influencing our ability to ‘wow’ our customers

A quick round-up of  innovations that are being used today to transform levels of customer service and an insight into products and services that will soon be available for solo and small businesses.

Cashless mobile payments and point-of-sale gadgets

The constant minimisation of ‘friction’, notably at the point-of-purchase is at the cornerstone of today’s customer service efficiency. And don’t think these apps and gizmos are only for retail businesses. Many service providers are learning how to transform their methodologies.

The importance of researching your market

Getting out and talking to your customers to fully understand what they love about doing business with you can reveal new marketing strategies and customer retention actions.

Research your competitors to see what they are doing and figure out what you can do better.

The role of social media in your customer service actions

Both to keep an eye competitors and measure the engagement of your messaging, social media can be an extremely valuable tool. Similarly, subscribing to blogs, using Google alerts and staying in touch via email and snail mail can all be elements of your strategy.

JenWellsPresenter: Jen Wells

For over a decade Jen Wells and her team at Above Benchmark have passionately supported businesses looking to increase their customer service standards.

Her organisation specialises in designing and implementing unique Mystery Shopping  and Customer Satisfaction services for clients ranging from small, growing enterprises to multinational retailers.

Jen is interviewed by Flying Solo’s, Robert Gerrish.

Audience feedback:

“Thanks to you both Jen and Robert. I learnt a lot! – Amanda K

“Hi there, just to say how impressed I’ve been with the session. Thanks heaps, loved it!” – Jess M

“I tuned in and loved it. Thank you. I’d like to have another listen too.” – Therese G