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How to create virtual freedom

- November 28, 2014 2 MIN READ

Many of us leave the corporate jungle for soloist flexibility and freedom, but end up chained to our work/desk for long hours. Here’s six ways to finally create virtual freedom.

1. Set boundaries

Often when starting out and cash flow is tight, many soloists quickly fall into the trap of becoming people pleasers. All of a sudden your day is dictated by other people’s priorities and not your own.

Regain control by setting boundaries, so you work on your terms and not your clients’ terms.

Start by prioritising your most important tasks first thing each day before you check email. Learn to only check your email 2-3 times per day and only when you can action each message. This simple tip will improve your productivity allowing you to get more done in less time.

2. Get on the cloud

A key component of having more freedom is the ability to easily access all your important business information from anywhere at anytime. Cloud technology has made this possible with easy-to-use and cost effective software solutions. As long as you have an internet connection, your office can become truly mobile.

3. Delegate to virtual staff

To have true freedom in your business means not doing everything. Stop trying to be a superhuman for the sake of saving a few dollars. It is now easier than ever to tap into the limitless pool of talented and affordable freelancers from anywhere in the world, giving you a flexible and on-demand staffing solution that will suit any budget. So stop deliberating and start delegating.

4. Set business processes

Systems and procedures will be your best friend when working with a virtual team.

Any business procedure that you do more than once needs to be documented either by text, photos, video or audio. Using screen capture software such as Jing, Camtasia or ScreenFlow will help make the process as painless as possible.

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5. Go paperless

As well as helping to saving trees, removing the need for paper will save you time and money. Look at a virtual fax number, move to online bills and use digital signature software (such as Echosign and Right Signature).

6. Accountability groups

Is it just me who misses chicken lunches and office sweeps at Melbourne Cup time? Combat isolation by attending meetups or joining a mastermind or accountability group. Not only will you enjoy the company and learn from fellow soloists, but you’ll also stay on track with your goals.

How to create virtual freedom in your business? It is now easier than ever, making it possible to work in the nude every day, if you choose! 

How have you attained virtual freedom as a soloist?