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How to develop your power of possibility

- July 29, 2009 2 MIN READ

Do you have an inner gremlin that questions your confidence and makes you doubt yourself? Here’s how to tame that niggling voice and instead develop your power of possibility.

I’ve been listening to Chris Howard’s CDs on leadership. My thoughts so far have been, “This is what I teach! I’m just as good as him! What if I were as big as Tony Robbins or Chris Howard?”

And then the voice of self-doubt that I call the Gremlin pipes up:

“You couldn’t possibly…”

I know my inner gremlin likes to challenge me and understand he has my best interests at heart. Because he doesn’t want to see me get hurt, he says things like, “Do you really know what you’re talking about? Who is going to listen to you? Do you really know enough to do this stuff? What if no one comes to your events? What if everyone thinks you’re rubbish?”

Our gremlins are responsible for huge disappointments and ordeals – most of which have never happened, except in our own vivid imaginations.

Here’s how to tame your gremlin and develop your power of possibility.

Step 1. If you feel your gremlin voice ripping in to you, invite him to take a break and just sit with you for a moment.

Step 2. Ask the gremlin to share his concerns. You can even write them out. You may find the list is a lot shorter when you write it out, instead of letting it swirl around your head.

Step 3. Thank the gremlin for sharing and looking out for you. Assure him you will take all necessary precautions to avoid any travesty, and that you are committed to being a success. And then share your vision with him.

This is where you tap in to the power of your possibility.

Ask, ‘what if I could?’ When I asked myself what if I could be as big as the global personal development gurus, I imagined my picture and name on a set of CDs, in ezines and press releases inviting people to a massive event on personal leadership and empowerment – led by me.

The only way to create your future is to imagine it. You’ve got to live the experience first in your imagination before you take any action towards its creation. You’ve got to be first, and then do.

So I’ve been picturing my new CD set launch, my view from the platform in front of thousands, the team of fifty or more staff, the makeup artist, the hairdresser, the camera crew, the giant video screens, the mike hooked to my lapel, the hot stage lights, the pumping mood-maker music, the faces in the crowd laughing and smiling, clapping and cheering, the table at the back heavy with my books, CD sets, action manuals, the people swarming around them to hand in their order forms, the buzz in the room and outside during breaks as people connect, embrace, and make conscious positive connections.

I get excited just writing about it! I am thrilled I am inviting this kind of experience in to my life.

The more I write about it in present tense, the more it seems possible, the more it seems real.

What are you letting your gremlin deny you? It’s time to invite that sucker for a cuppa, vent his spleen, and then amp up the power of your possibility. Imagine what you could possibly achieve, and let your imagination create the new you – from the inside out.

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