How to grow sales in four ways with one cheeky idea

- November 5, 2014 3 MIN READ

How to grow sales and the ‘Shoestring Marketing Budget Syndrome’

My client, Tracey, couldn’t stand wearing uncomfortable PJ’s and decided to start a new business, Skirties Sleepwear. Soon, her very comfy sleepwear range received some healthy attention from stockists and customers.

When Tracy and I began working on her sales growth tactic, I realised she was suffering from the “Shoestring Marketing Budget Syndrome”. I brainstormed with the client, and I developed easy-to-implement, inexpensive ideas that: highlight the value of her product, attract the right kind of audience, and excite existing customers.

This brainstorming on how to grow sales led to a new theme for her products: Getting caught out in your PJs.

We planted this cheeky seed and made it grow in four different ways to generate more sales and repeat business. 

With over 1000 followers, her Facebook page was the perfect place to start. Considering that a Facebook user has an average of 200 friends, her 1000 ‘likers’ gave Tracey a potential viral reach of 200,000 people. So we asked her followers to tell their “Getting caught out in your PJs” stories.

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 How to grow sales

The results? We received lots of great comments and funny stories – more than we expected.

Step Two: Repurpose Facebook comments as a blog post with smart SEO tactics

Having a stash of very amusing stories from her Facebook likers, all Tracey needed to do was convert them into a blog. (Using content that reflects customer stories is also a clever way to build organic SEO with long tail keywords, which are unintentionally created by prospects.)

People loved it.

Step Three: Use Facebook comments in email campaigns and ask for the order

We had a goldmine of cheeky and potentially very engaging stories, so the logical next step was to put them to good use in an email designed to drive prospects to Tracey’s website and blog, and ‘Ask for the Order’.

The key here? To include a very prominent call-to-action next to the products we wanted to highlight, as below.?

Step Four: Make the most of the free press

While your ordinary Press Release generally falls on deaf ears, a Press Release that feeds journalists something peculiar and amusing is guaranteed to get the results you need. We’re currently engaging in this step.

As you can see, one idea can grow and flourish in many profitable ways.


Do you have a similar process or ideas on how to grow sales for your small business? I’d love to hear from you.