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How to make more money

- December 14, 2012 2 MIN READ

Having a clearly defined, full-of-enthusiasm reason for wanting to make more money will go a long way to making it happen.

There’s not a single business-coaching client I talk to who doesn’t want or wouldn’t mind a little more money. Or a lot more money. 

What’s often missing is a ‘Big Money Why’ – a genuine reason for earning more money – that connects with their greater purpose. 

For example, see if you can spot the difference between: 

“I’d like more money to have more fun,” 


“I choose to attract and accept into my life $10,000 by July, 2014, for a two-week canoe trip on the Nahanni River so I can experience adventure, joy and freedom.” 

This is one of my current Big Money Whys and it has me lit up like a Christmas tree. 

The crystal clarity of the second statement invokes excitement and the thrill of anticipation. This is exactly what you need in order to create what I call ‘manifestational anticipation’ – a kind of creative tension – which is the perfect condition for inspired thinking, action and receiving. 

When you are absolutely clear on WHY you want more prosperity, it creates a groundswell of energy and focus within you that will galvanise your creative force. You will find yourself discovering new ideas that help bring your desire to reality, and you will feel inertia lifting as you move towards this thrilling new goal. 

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Here’s a step-by-step plan to create your Big Money Why: 

1. Get clear on something specific you’d like to be, do, or have. Examples of Big Money are: to have your house clear of mortgage, to pay for children’s university fees, or to go on an around-the-world holiday. 

2. Get specific on the amount, and the deadline. For example: $300,000 paid off the mortgage by January 2022. 

3. Identify the FEELINGS you expect to experience with this result. Examples of feelings include delight, achievement, satisfaction, enjoyment, fun, freedom, contentment, pride, delight and so on. 

Put it all together now: 

I choose to create/attract/accept into my life $___________ by __________ (date) for ______________ (Big Money Why – be, do, have) so that I can experience ______________________ (feeling). 

Bonus Tip 1. Write this up on an index card or post-it note and have it somewhere where you will see it daily. 

Bonus Tip 2. Practise creating your desired Big-Money-Why feeling from simple, everyday experiences. For example, if you associate joy with your Big Money Why, look for reasons to feel that right now. Rehearsing these emotions will help to pre-pave the path towards achieving your goal and give you the bonus of experiencing joy each and every day.

Be courageous and have fun with this!  

What’s your Big Money Why? Share in the comments!

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