Setting business goals

How to make this year your best year yet

- November 7, 2011 2 MIN READ

1. Set a clear intention 

The first thing we do is set the intention. I could fib and tell you we do this in a structured, planned way, but in truth this is the one thing that just jumps out at us in the lead up to our AGM. This year, our focus has been on getting our systems and processes in place, next year we’re gunning for growth. 

2. Refresh our vision 

As always, early in the piece is a refresh of our vision. This time we’re tackling it through a discussion document in Googledocs where Sam, Peter and I dive in and detail the way we want things to be. We’ve been looking at the ideal shape of the business and the ideal way we’ll each work. We won’t worry too much about ‘how’ at this point.  After all, this is blue sky stuff and the only cloud we want around is the one in which we increasingly work. 

3. Start the ball rolling 

From there, we’ll comb through the vision looking at what needs to happen for the picture to become reality. Sure, we’ll foresee roadblocks, but a quick review of our intention and solutions start to seep from the woodwork. 

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4. Eat, drink and be merry 

As you read this, Peter and I are up the coast at Sam’s place enjoying a couple of days of lively discourse. Serious discussion will inevitably be interspersed with banter and socialising. It is our way of maintaining engagement with one another and by extension our business. 

If you’re working on your own, a good solution is to ‘buddy up’ and share your aspirations with a fellow soloist, or pop me a note and we can have a natter on the phone. No fees apply! 

5. Finally, we’ll create our plan

When we’ve agreed on where we’re going, we’ll review our list of ideas and strategies and prioritise into a realistic series of steps and actions. This results in a single page plan and a Work In Progress List that we’ll follow day to day. 

Anyway, that’s quite enough about us. What will you do to ensure this year is as good as it can be for you? Will you be setting business goals? I’m ready for a collective Best Year Yet. What say you?