VIDEO 4/5: How to pivot your business during a crisis

- April 29, 2020 < 1 MIN READ

Has COVID-19 challenged the way you look at the future of your business? Deciding what to do next is not easy. In this interview with Vonto Managing Director, Elliot Cousins we look at how making good use of business data can help you make informed and inspired choices about the future or of your business.

Feeling overwhelmed with COVID-19? We think this five part series brought to you by Vonto will help you tackle some of the current questions you might have.

In the fourth video for this series, Lucy speaks with Hannah Watts of Ugg Since 1974 and Elliot Cousins Vonto Managing Director.  Hannah and her husband, Todd  have recently made a decisive pivot in their business in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

In this discussion we cover:

  • What elements need to be considered in making the decision to pivot
  • The processes and systems that were impacted (negative and positive)
  • Background planning: what you need to think about and when
  • Unexpected impact of making the pivot
  • Why understanding your business data can inform and streamline this process

We hope this series brings you education, entertainment and some comfort as we navigate through this together.

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