Digital marketing

How to promote a one-person business

- July 13, 2014 < 1 MIN READ

When you effectively are your business, what’s the best way to promote? In this video, marketing specialist, Jo Macdermott shares actions to stand out, get noticed and build a strong following for ‘brand you’.

What you’ll learn:

One of the many joys of soloism is the ability to do things your way, to create your own unique position in the world. In this session you’ll be introduced to initiatives including:

The secret to talking powerfully about your business

The ability to engage and pique interest are the hallmarks of effective marketing and the path is easier than you may think.

Proven ways to maximise word-of-mouth opportunities

While we all love referrals, are we doing enough to create them? Jo and Robert discuss WOM strategies.

The benefits of fully embracing social media

How to measure the return on investment and determine the best avenues for your business.

Tried and tested steps to build a loyal, engaged following

Learn just how to surround yourself with supporters and fans.

Presenter: Jo Macdermott

Jo Macdermott combines 15 years of experience as a marketing professional with a practical, organised approach. She has a broad background in the corporate world, giving her an ability to work effectively with a range of different businesses and industries.

She is interviewed by Flying Solo’s, Robert Gerrish.

Audience feedback:

“Full of useful and inspirational tips and tricks, which I will for certain use with my business!!” – Alex A

“Just brilliant thanks so much!” – Amanda P