How to raise your profile using a case study

- August 18, 2008 2 MIN READ

A well constructed case study has all the elements necessary to get your marketing message across and establish the trust needed to build good business relationships. Here’s how to create a case study to help you win business and raise your profile.

Testimonials or personal recommendations from clients are an ideal way to help establish business relationships as they create the all important personal links with clients and potential clients.

Case studies are a great way to emulate testimonials. Profiling a successful outcome by using a case study of a client enables you to explain the benefits of your service and raise your profile.

Use the following pointers to create a case study that will hit a nerve with potential clients.

1. Establish a problem that your audience relates to

In your case study’s opening paragraph, establish a summary of the problem that you provided a solution to. Make sure you target your case study directly to your audience’s specific needs. By connecting with their needs right at the outset, you will be more successful in encouraging them to read on and see what it is that you can offer.

If you offer several business solutions, try to keep the number that you reference in one case study to a minimum unless they’re directly related or are combined solutions. Rather than trying to attract the attention of all of your potential customer types in one case study, it’s usually better to do a series that you can then use on your website or as marketing collateral.

2. Tell the story

Once you have grabbed the attention of your audience with a problem that they can relate to, show them how you go about providing a solution. By giving an interesting story about your client’s background and the problem they came to you with, you can take your audience through the process of what they can expect from working with you.

This makes your potential clients feel comfortable that they can work with you on a similar problem.

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3. Get endorsement

One of the key elements of a case study is establishing your client’s satisfaction with the job, as well as profiling their understanding of how the process worked.

It is essential that you interview your clients with questions that will elicit the kind of quotes that can be worked into the case study and establish the kind of endorsement that you want your potential clients to read about.

Sometimes it can be more useful to get a third party to conduct the interview. Unless you have the kind of relationship where you can be completely open with each other, your client may find it easier to give the kind of praise and positive feedback you are hoping for to someone objective. Ask a business associate or friend to interview your client on your behalf. You can always give some guidance as to the questions you want them to ask and you can offer to do the same in return.

Make sure you intersperse your case study with quotes from your clients. This will give your case study relevance and provide prospects with the necessary confirmation that you can deliver the best solutions.

By providing a solution to a real problem, getting your client to endorse that solution and giving an interesting story that will engage your audience, you can begin to establish the kind of connection that normally only comes from personal recommendations.

Conclude your case study with how people can contact you for a similar, tailored solution to their problem.

Has a case study persuaded you to make a purchase? Or have you successfully used case studies to boost business and raise your profile? Let us know below.

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