How to re-evaluate your marketing after coronavirus restrictions are lifted

- May 14, 2020 3 MIN READ

As Coronavirus restrictions are being slowly eased already or soon across Australia it’s time to be considering your marketing approach.

Finally, many of us can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel that is Coronavirus restrictions with some states already easing some restrictions and others planned to start in the coming weeks. Further restrictions are planned including such important industries as Retail and Hospitality which have really struggled other the past months. Many of us really need to get as many customers back as possible. So if you haven’t already now is a good time to be considering your marketing carefully for now and as restrictions are lifted! 


Carefully Consider your Marketing Messages

Firstly, have a plan and approach for getting customers back through the door. For example, if you’re a restaurant or bar think about getting messages ready for advising customers you’re opening back up for business and the health and safety precautions you’ll be taking to ensure customers can feel confident dining or drinking at your venue. This may include the fact you are currently undertaking a professional deep cleaning of the venue. To encourage people back through the doors consider offering coupons or market special discounts on social media, flyers, emails and any other forms of communications you utilize. 

Re-evaluate Campaigns 

If you haven’t already re-evaluate any marketing campaigns you have or had previously. Some of you may have the feeling you can’t be spending a dime on marketing but it could cost you in the long run. Re-establishing connections with existing customers and enticing them back through the door often results in repeat patronage however you need to remember these customers will have options. You need to consider some kind of marketing, it does not have to be an expensive exercise even if it’s just printing some flyers and delivering them in the local area. 

Consider the return on investment of your campaigns. If you’re unsure what will work in the new environment then try a couple or few different ones as an experiment and then measure the returns. Have a way to differentiate the returns, for example by placing different discount codes on each campaign for customers to use. Spending should also be aligned to your marketing plan and target segments. 

Target Segments ‘Most Likely’

Consider firstly who should be your initial target segments for marketing to customers that will initially to return through your doors. Remember, that even with the easing of restrictions and despite the fact you’ve communications your H&S precautions there will still be members of the community that won’t return straight away. 

Certain segments such as arguably Millennials as an example that tend to be more risk averse and may be more likely to go for say a meal at the bar. While are unemployment rates are not as high as the US many will still be doing it tough, so perhaps you may have deals to encourage them. In your marketing messaging, speak to these segments in a voice that would appeal to them. For example, you may have a campaign targeted towards millennials such as sick of cooking everyday and being stuck at home, return to us! 

Start Now! 

Now is a great time to be planning and implementing marketing activities to get customers back through the door as restrictions are eased. It’s important we re-evaluate our marketing campaigns and allocate every marketing dollar towards the highest returning areas. This should include considering the customer segments most likely to provide business. You will need to be continually reviewing and rejigging your marketing approach as things change but starting with a basic plan will make things easier. 


This post was written by Simon Choi. Simon owns niche photography business Refractique and Standout Bands, a third-party Apple Watch Bands distributor. He has a background in Change Management from his previous corporate career and enjoys writing. Connect with Simon on LinkedIn

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