How to sell in tricky times

- November 17, 2010 < 1 MIN READ

In a tough market, determining how to approach sales can be a critical issue. Often we assume it’s all about price. Neil Rackham thinks otherwise.

Known as the ‘Professor of Professional Selling’, Neil Rackham was in Australia recently and I was fortunate to drag him into the studio to record a couple of short video interviews.

In this one, Neil shares his knowledge on the topic of how a successful salesperson behaves in the face of a difficult sales environment.

Typically, the default behaviour of many is to focus on price and undercut the opposition – the thinking being that everyone is tightening their belt, so best offer a discount.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! says Neil and I think he’s right. 

Watch the video on this page and to view his other tips along with over 50 expert interviews, check out our new video section.