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How to stop your blog floating like a lost astronaut in space

- October 30, 2018 3 MIN READ

When you’ve finally found the time to plan, write and post a blog, the last thing you want to do is publish and forget it. What a waste of time that’d be! You may as well light up a $100 note and smoke it.

I like to think of a forgotten blog as like Sandra Bullock in the movie, Gravity. At the start, you’re in control of your blog. You write strong content, upload it,  make it look pretty and launch it with enthusiasm and hope.

But then disaster strikes – you forget about your blog.


Your blog is now floating aimlessly in space like a lost little Sandra. Sure, you may eventually work out how to bring it back to earth and into your audience’s loving arms, but it’ll be too late – you won’t have a blockbuster on your hands!

Honestly, not every blog you write is going to go crazy. But don’t give up and please don’t forget about your blogs.

So, let’s get your blog working for you.

5 easy ways to get your blog noticed (without being a movie star)

1. Create social snippets or branded memes

The easiest way to reach your audience is by using your social media channels. I find the best thing to do is print out your blog and run through it with a highlighter. Mark all your little nuggets of wisdom and use these to create social snippets. Create a teaser with a link to your blog and share across your socials. And if you’re creative, make branded memes relating to your blog with a link to your post.

2. Repurpose your blog on your LinkedIn profile

If you’re struggling to work out what to post on LinkedIn (as let’s be honest – it’s a tad more serious than other social media platforms), repurpose your blog as a LinkedIn article. You’ll need to create an image, and then you can upload your content to create your article. These articles appear on your profile and if someone is ‘checking you out’, they’re likely to read some of your articles to get a feel for you and your knowledge.

3. Win the war against Facebook’s algorithm

The way Facebook’s working, it’s unlikely that everyone sees your post when you hit that post button. It’s a bit of a pain and makes it harder for businesses to reach their audience through Facebook. But if you schedule monthly links to your blog post (and do it with a few of your blogs), it means you’re not just posting to Facebook once and never sharing it again. Share, rest, rotate and repeat.

4. Make it big news

If you’ve got a newsletter and constantly wonder what you should be sharing, a great starting point is a re-hash of your blog. Create a fun summary of your blog and share it in your newsletter. Add an image (if you like) and make sure you put a link directing people to your blog if they want to read more. It’s a great newsletter filler as well as directing people to your website (which Google loves!).

5. Turn it into a video

People love quick snippet videos. Once you’ve written a blog, you can use this as the basis for a video. Create an Insta story or a Facebook live, talking about the key points from your blog. Make sure you mention that if people want more information, they can find it online.

Are you ready to make repurpose your blog a worldly success?

Get writing! You need to have a high-quality, well-written blog to start with. Write and edit and ask a trusted colleague for feedback (George Clooney if he’s around…).

Then when you have your masterpiece, get it out there. Share, share, share.

But don’t forget it. Create a schedule to reshare your blog in the future. Use your content to your advantage.

If you’ve got any more ideas on how to repurpose your blogs, please pop them in the comments below.