How to work in your flow

- June 4, 2020 < 1 MIN READ

When you get into the flow and you are mastering a task. It is so important you maximise these times, they can help increase your overall business productivity.

How do you get in the zone?
🦄 Turn off notifications on your phone and computer
🦄 Turn on some music
🦄 Set a timer for 45 minutes
🦄 Set the intention to focus on a task
🦄 Start and don’t look up til that timer goes off!
The important thing is that you don’t have tasks that keep getting pushed to the back burner and you never actually tackle. Remember do the hard thing first- it will kickstart your productivity and you won’t have a huge weight on your shoulders of a task you REALLY don’t want to do.
What do you do to get into the zone?