How to write sizzling sales emails

- April 18, 2014 2 MIN READ

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, 20 million sales emails have been sent. Your sales email is probably one of them. Here’s four ways to get it noticed.

To write a sizzling email that resonates with the reader and grabs attention, follow these four simple tips.

Tip one: Stay laser focused on your reader

Remember, it’s about them, not you, so be sure that your email communicates directly to your reader.

Step by step guide

  • Write your email.
  • When you’ve finished, print it out and grab a red and blue pen.
  • Highlight the following words in red: ‘me’, ‘I’, ‘my’, ‘our’ and ‘we’.
  • Then highlight all the ‘you’ and ‘yours’ words in blue.

Is your page full of blue highlights? If so, congratulations, you’re connecting with your reader. If you have a lot of red highlights, you’re concentrating too much on yourself. Rewrite your email so that it focuses more on the customer and less on you.

Tip two: Personalise your emails

Emails are an effective way to communicate to hundreds or thousands of customers with just one message. However, that message needs to be personal.

Step by step guide

Close your eyes and picture one of your best customers. Only one. Start writing your email to this one person. Be conversational and friendly without being overly familiar. And don’t be slack with grammar. Bad writing isn’t okay!  People want to feel important – cater to that. 

Tip three: Use your customers’ conversation style

Social media isn’t just a place to spread content, it’s also a great place to listen to conversations. If you use your customers’ exact phrasing, language and terminology, your emails will resonate with them so much more. Take the ‘you’ speak out, and put the ‘customer’ speak in.

Tip four: Build trust

Before I write any sales email, I always pose the question: “What problem is this reader facing?” So instead of thinking about what I’ll gain from the email, I think about how I can assist the reader. This keeps me focused on a pure and genuine intention, and the reader is more likely to trust my overall message.

Of course, the purpose of a sales email is to sell, so by all means ask for an order but start with the client’s problems first, and connect your solution to that problem.

These simple email tips will help to increase your sales while also building trust.

What are your tips for writing a sizzling sales email?