I already know what I want from Santa this Christmas!

- November 29, 2015 2 MIN READ

Yes we know it’s November! But Natasha Hawker is getting in early to ensure there are no excuses from Santa this year!

When I sit on Santa’s knee this year, (metaphorically of course), I already know very clearly what I do and don’t want for Christmas. As solo entrepreneurs, you’re learning all the time, so I thought I might share my list with you as you too might want to put some of these in your lists.

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a very good girl this year, alright? I’ve been as good as you would have expected, knowing me all these years. I have a list for you to consider for Christmas. I know that I’m getting in early but this might mean you have me at the top of your list. By the way, did you get the red wine and mince pies I left out for you? Also FYI, the reindeers did make quite a mess.

Here is my wish list:

1. For clients who pay on time

Last year we mucked up – happens I know. We assumed that clients would pay on time but they didn’t and we did not have enough of a buffer.

2. For clients to pay their bills before everyone goes on leave

We don’t want a repeat of that situation where the manager of the large corporate client who typically pays on time and is critical to our cash flow went on holidays, leaving no one to authorise the payment to us. We ended up a bit short that time.

3. For everyone to stop panicking and realise that work does get done after Christmas

You know what I mean – everything, and I mean everything, is urgent, urgent, urgent! Even businesses for whom this is not the busiest time of their year.

4. That  I could stop dreaming about the business

I love what I do which is both a blessing and a curse because I find it very hard to switch off.

5. I wish I knew last year what I know now

The good news is that I’ve learnt and have already put some processes in place to ensure that we don’t end up in the same place this year.

So, if I get most of the things on my list, I am expecting that there might be a few surprises under the Christmas tree such as:

  • More cash flow
  • Less stress
  • Better scheduling of workflow
  • Increased creative thought brought about by a real holiday

Now your turn to get your Santa letter in early. What would YOU like for Christmas?!

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