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I email myself reminders for my to-do list. It works, but is there a better way?

- June 6, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

How do you do your to-do list?

That’s the crux of the question I put to the Flying Solo productivity forum and was bowled over with replies.

Seems how we organise our to-do lists is a process very close to our hearts, with everybody having a personal preference they stand-by with conviction.

For me email has always worked because I know I will look at it each day and that limits the possibility of me forgetting a particular item. Or two. Or three.

But here’s the real question: is emailing yourself a dozen times a day the most efficient process? Particularly when you then have to wade through the rest of the incoming mail to find the list you sent yourself in the first place?

I asked Flying Solo founder, Robert Gerrish to set the record straight on this question.

How do you do your to-do list?