I really want to help you

- June 11, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

What do you do when confronted with a perfect fit for your services and yet there’s no indication you’re needed or wanted? The answer is: speak up.

As our inboxes, letterboxes, walls and feeds become cluttered with sales pitches, it’s harder to stand out and develop a cut-through connection. Yet as soloists we have two immensely powerful and under-utilised tools: our heart and our voice.

How often have you found yourself thinking, “Wow, I could do so much to improve this person’s situation?” You may be a life coach who recognises a lack of motivation; a business consultant who sees a glaring tactical omission; a designer who sees a wasted opportunity, or a financial advisor who sees a way to improve wealth and prosperity.

These instances frequently crop up in face-to-face encounters and increasingly present themselves in online discussions and other channels.

I remember reading a news story some time ago about a young fabric designer who was creating great work yet struggling to draw a decent wage. I immediately saw where a particular improvement could be made and feeling so strongly that my knowledge would help, I tracked her down, rang her up and told her.

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My drive wasn’t chasing business; I was propelled by a desire to help.

As it turned out, our relationship grew and for over five years Rachael was one of my best referrers and became a client of my coaching business alongside a good many other people I’d approached in a similar way.

Next time the voice in your head is saying what you feel in your heart, let it out and give a helping hand. Don’t hesitate. You may not immediately win a client, but chances are you’ll gain a friend and, as they say, what goes around comes around.

Has speaking up like this worked for you? Er, speak up and share your story.