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I went on holiday with my family and business magic happened

- July 16, 2016 2 MIN READ

The power of a positive mindset can be applied to almost all areas of your life, but when it’s applied to your business, some truly magical stuff happens.

In my short time as business owner there are two things I have learned:

  1. If there’s one thing in life that can make a real mess of your business it’s your mindset.
  2. If there’s one thing that can really elevate your business it’s having a positive mindset and being grateful for what you have and what you will have in the future.

I was on family holiday last month mixing work and pleasure like a pro. I love catching up with my family in a holiday situation for many reasons, but mainly this one:

Really good things happen to our businesses when we are all together. It’s like magic.

As a soloist, I find maintaining a confident, optimistic and positive mindset on my own can be a challenge. Doubts are constantly creeping in.

But when I’m around my family, there’s no time for negative thoughts or self-doubt (and if you do have them, they are quickly beaten out of you)! My parents and little sister are in business too so we all know how detrimental being in a negative frame of mind can be.

The grateful game

Every day we are together we play the Grateful Game where we whip around the table and share three things that we are grateful for from that day. It’s time like those that make it abundantly clear how lucky I am to be in a line of work that allows me to mix work and play.

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It also makes me especially grateful to have a family who ‘gets it’. Because they’re in the same boat as me, they get that when we’re on holiday I might have to do a couple of hours of work a day. They give me a rev up when I need it too.

Business can be extremely tough, but when you focus on all the good things in your life those little frustrations or that pesky client or the amount of emails in your inbox just aren’t as important because you don’t sweat the small stuff.

Magic happens

Because we are all extremely positive people, great things happen to our businesses when we are all together. Enquiries and sales increase (I had over $1500 in new work come in while I was on that particular holiday!), opportunities open up, problems are overcome and new ideas are hatched. We even give each other work and jobs through our businesses because of the plethora of skills we all share.

Nothing like keeping it in the family.

A family that’s taught me to be positive and grateful, keep a positive mindset and help each other when we need it. These tips can be used in any family, accountability group, circle of friends or business unit.

When you do, just watch the magic happen.