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In tough times don’t cheat on your business. Try this instead

- October 23, 2016 < 1 MIN READ

Have there been times when you have looked at other businesses and found they look far more appealing than your current business? In my experience, this tends to happen when you are experiencing tough times in your business. The reality is, we all know the grass is not always greener on the other side – every business has different challenges and inevitably involves doing some hard or difficult work to get through those challenges.

In tough times it can be easy to get distracted and divert your energy and attention chasing a new business venture or opportunity. The problem is when you do this it is often your core business that suffers, making it even tougher.

What if, instead, you applied the same energy and enthusiasm you have for that new business venture or opportunity to your existing business? What kind of results would you get?

Yes, I know.

If you had the same enthusiasm for your business you wouldn’t even be looking towards greener pastures. So here’s a little trick I use in this situation.

I think of three businesses or entrepreneurs I really admire and ask these two questions:

  • What would they do differently in my business?
  • What would they not do in my business?”

I find these are usually enough to re-ignite enthusiasm levels for my business because I know that tough times don’t last. But sometimes we all do just need a little push to get ourselves through to the other side.

Do you often find yourself wanting to cheat on your business in tough times?