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Is online social networking for us?

- August 31, 2008 < 1 MIN READ

Good question. After some cursory Googling it’s clear the jury’s still out on the value of online social networking. The stampede of early adopters would have us believe it’s a must-have, but is it?

For those of us who work from home and try to minimise time wasted through unnecessary travel, there’s no doubt online networking has great appeal.

The question is, what can networking online achieve in the real world? I want to find out so am offering myself up as a crash-test dummy. Just like the one used by those hairy blokes on MythBusters.

Flying Solo contributor, Louise Gorrie has written a fine piece defining the  social media marketing aspect of online networks in which she mentions LinkedIn.

I joined LinkedIn in 2005 and have comprehensively ignored it ever since. That’s about to change!

If you are a member of LinkedIn, I invite you to join my network and I’ll report back on my experiences in a future article.

LinkedIn members, here’s what to do:

  • hop along to my directory page
  • click ‘View Full Profile’
  • once there, hit “Add Robert to my network”.

I’m hoping that with new connections and some focused working of the system, the earth will move. We’ll see.

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While I’m waiting, I’d love to hear of your experiences of online social networking. Has it been fruitful or a waste of time? How do you get the most from it? Tell us via a comment.

Okay must dash over to my inbox and see who wants to be my friend.

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