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Libby O’Sullivan: Winner of the 2015 Flying Solo Service Star Award

- January 31, 2016 3 MIN READ


GLOW Physio’s primary mission is to remove some of the hurdles women face when it comes to putting their own health and wellbeing first.

Libby O’Sullivan, GLOW Physio’s founder, demonstrates her commitment to delivering a high level of service in this regard via her business model: a purely in-home service offering high quality, professional physiotherapy, massage and Pilates services exclusively to women.

Her aim? That women who are restricted by kids’ routines, busy work schedules or the limitations of their pain or injury will no longer have to suffer because they cannot make it to a clinic; and that they will have easy access to great services in the most convenient and comfortable way.

Whilst GLOW’s mobile service is the foundation of their mission when it comes to customer service excellence, Libby also aims to:

  • be professional and friendly,
  • be approachable and accessible, and
  • follow every client up fully to ensure their satisfaction.

What’s one way Libby has demonstrated an ability to exceed her clients’ expectations?

Libby says:

One of my first clients was a woman suffering terrible vertigo; she couldn’t leave the house because of severe dizziness and nausea. After one treatment, her dizziness was noticeably reduced and within a week she could return to many of the things she enjoyed.

Her clients also rave:

The Mums and Bub classes run by Glow Physio are fantastic. As a new mum, it can be hard to find the time to exercise without baby and can be nerve-wracking going to gym classes where instructors may not have the right knowledge about post-partum health and safe exercise. GLOW Physio provides a safe and supportive environment for new mums to exercise and a great social outlet to meet other women and babies.

~ Marianna O’Gorman

Libby at Glow Physio really is a rare find and is very deserving of some “official” positive feedback. Libby treated me during a shoulder tear injury and her customer service combined with her exceptional skill is very hard to come by. She is clearly very passionate about what she does and takes it very seriously – you can tell it’s a way of life for her, not just a pay check.

As an ex-athlete, who has seen many, many physios, I have never experienced the genuine care Libby provides before, during and after. Libby not only fit me in for an emergency session, but emailed more thoughts on my diagnosis late that night, arranged rehab exercises via email, followed up every other day and made a point of seeing me on her way past for a check-up. She is also so comfortable and lovely to be around which makes welcoming her into your home very easy.

Her people skills really are a talent and she is a worthy receiver of recognition for her work ethic, skill and being an exceptionally lovely person who cares about her clients.

~ Megan Ziems

Those lovely words from Libby’s clients go a long way towards explaining why Libby was chosen as the winner of this category.

Small business marketing tip: what other people say about you is far more powerful than what you say about yourself!

So, as our Service Star, does Libby see any particular challenges and opportunities for fellow lifestyle business owners to provide award-winning service to their clients?


I believe the biggest service-related opportunities for solo and micro businesses lie in the direct contact we have with our clients. This allows us to form a relationship with our clients that facilitates trust and respect and improves customer loyalty. I think these more personal relationships also provide us with an opportunity to really get to know our market so that we can keep directing our efforts towards our appropriate target market.


The more personalised service that comes with dealing directly with clients can also pose some challenges however. It can be difficult to enforce some policies (like cancellation fees) when you have built a close working relationship with someone. It can also make it harder to say ‘no’ when you need to. But an even great challenge than these I believe is the challenge of expansion. When working as a sole trader or within a micro-business, the growth of the business is often very reliant on the business owner being present and continuing to deal directly with clients. It can be difficult to convince clients to trust someone else within the business. Finding a way to expand and maintain the same level of customer service can prove very challenging indeed.

So now, over to you! Got any thoughts to add to the above? Or any questions for Libby? Share them in the comments below!