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Make your contact page irresistible

- March 22, 2013 2 MIN READ

Does your contact page actually make people want to get in touch? Here’s how to make the contact page on your small business website more enticing.

A ‘contact us’ page is one of the most important aspects of any small business website. It gives customers confidence because it shows there is a real person behind the business, which is particularly important for small, new or solo business owners. In addition, your contact page is pivotal in turning website visitors into customers.

Make your details available on every page

As well as having a dedicated contact page, it’s important to have your basic contact details on every page of your website. When a customer is surfing your website, they shouldn’t have to hunt for a phone number or address. No customer wants to feel as though he or she has to jump through hoops to get help. A difficult-to-navigate website is a quick route to a lost customer. The internet age has created an impatient customer, so always make things as easy as possible if you want to impress and retain clients.

Offer an incentive

On the contact page itself, make it clear to customers that you really want them to make contact, and that when they do make contact – there will be results.

Your call-to-action should offer something for filling out the contact form. It could be a free e-book, a coupon or a free consultation – anything that makes the customer feel like they’re getting something for nothing. Make sure your call-to-action stands out – it should be one of the most visible pieces of text on the page. It should be so visible and so irresistible that everyone who sees it will want to click it and get the goodies.

Use action words

A great call-to-action uses action words. Short, punchy words create excitement and help to generate those clicks that a small business needs. Examples include: “Download now”, “Start your free trial”, or “Get a free quote now”.

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Give the user peace of mind

Create a feeling of safety by offering a guarantee or a free trial period. People are afraid of taking risks online, and a guarantee removes that risk. Customers that feel safe are more likely to give over the information that you need. Don’t ask for details that are too personal – you don’t need to know their date of birth when they first sign up. Asking for sensitive information will at this stage will only turn them away.

Make it obvious

Remember, those impatient internet users aren’t going to hunt for your contact details or form. Don’t let them be hidden on a cluttered page, or near distracting images. Check your contact page with several of the popular browsers and with a variety of monitor sizes to ensure it looks good in each instance. Every person’s computer is different, and you don’t want to alienate someone who has an older computer.

Most importantly, keep things simple. Contact forms that are easy and fast to fill out get the best response.

Thank-you page

When everything is finished, thank your customer. Use an automated thank-you page to show that you really do appreciate the time and effort that they put into filling out the form. Show them that you value their time, and they’ll leave with a good impression.

What other methods do you use to get your customers to contact you? 

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