Making disadvantaged children’s dreams a reality

- December 27, 2015 2 MIN READ

This unique not-for-profit organisation is a division of the worldwide charity which began in 2012 and has gone on to fulfil hundreds of dreams to date.

The mission of Box of Dreams is to fulfil the dreams of disadvantaged children, whether it be due to health or socio-economic factors, without a single penny exchanging hands. Box of Dreams is an initiative of First Class Accounts and is supported by a network of franchisees Australia wide. The premise of the charity it to tap into business and personal networks rather than directly fund raising for money.

The charity itself has benefited from business relationships with a team of small businesses such as lawyers, accountants, graphic designers, search marketers, web developers, video producers and IT specialists all providing their expertise pro bono. Most of the day to day leg work is performed by First Class Accounts franchisees, who are primarily soloists, that manage to find time in their busy day to give back to the local community.

Money can’t be donated to make a dream come true. Dreams can only be fulfilled through the actions of our network of contacts that we have gained and grown through out our lives.

How does it work?

Dreams are submitted via the Box of Dreams Australia website. Once assessed, the dream will be posted to the Box of Dreams Australia Facebook page. It is here that the magic happens, as fans of the page are able to share, tag and like posts. Through these social media basics, Box of Dreams Australia is able to make the dreams of disadvantaged children come true.

Box of Dreams has already helped several families and individuals by putting the call out to a growing network of contacts and connections. Only recently Box of Dreams were able to deliver computer tablets to five children from the same family who were in foster care, all of which were thanks to the generosity of a complete stranger who saw a post on Facebook. These were older iPads that would have otherwise collected dust in the cupboard, to say the children were ecstatic would be an understatement.

The beauty of this model is that it allows anybody to participate. You don’t need to be the person who donates the requested item, something as simple as a like or share could be the action that makes all the difference.

How can you get involved?

As Box of Dreams Australia is in its infancy, the biggest hurdle at the moment is that not many people know it exists. There is so much scope for the children that need help and people who can provide help, but right now not enough people know about Box of Dreams and what it does.

It’s easy to get involved, simply head over to or like to get started. As more people interact with Box of Dreams Australia it will become even easier to make more dreams come true. But remember our only rule… dreams can’t be fulfilled with money!