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Making love and making money

- March 2, 2008 < 1 MIN READ

During the lunch break at a recent Flying Solo director’s meeting, I cooked up the notion that the role making money plays in a business is not dissimilar to the role intimacy plays in your primary relationship.

As I said to Robert and Peter at this stage of the conversation: bear with me.

It’s arguable that love making in a partnership and making money in a business are:

– A measure of success.
– An expression of success.
– A gauge for how healthy the overall partnership/business is.

They each play a central, perhaps even defining, role. Also while desirable, each, when chased too hard, has a tendency to remain outside your grasp.

But on their own, making money/intimacy are not enough to sustain a business/relationship. They are part of a bigger picture.

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For example, in order to flourish relationships need to offer both individuals a sense of trust, respect and emotional fulfilment.

Meanwhile, businesses need to be underpinned by values, present opportunities for growth, provide a sense of purpose and fulfil a need in the market.

Personally, too, I’d need to find any relationship or business I was involved with good fun.

Perhaps when these other factors are in sync in your business/relationship, they can help attract money/loving your way.

What do you think of my coffee shop philosophy? Is my analogy a horribly long bow or is it on the money? Also, what other factors do you think contribute to a healthy relationship or business?

Let us know your thoughts.