Marketing communications: the basics

- March 17, 2007 2 MIN READ

Sales, PR, event management, marketing and promotion… chances are you’ll have many roles to play within your solo business. You should also add Marcoms Manager to your job description. Learn more about how it can help you to succeed.

Success is defined in a number of ways but profit and sales results are a reliable measure. One way to help increase sales is to create awareness of your product or service.

Messages about your product or service are delivered and received in a number of ways. Hundreds of ways in fact. There’s communication everywhere.

We’re bombarded with information from the moment we wake up, to the time we fall asleep at night, and it’s getting faster, busier and crazier. Or is that just me? We not only have our traditional forms of media such as TV, print and radio sending us messages, there’s brochures, billboards bus-backs and of course all the new media like the Internet, blogs, cable TV and the rest.

So how do we break through all this noise? How do we stand out so that ultimately people buy our product or service?

It seems most large companies these days are blending all the roles associated with building and maintaining relationships. These roles can include public relations, media management, marketing and advertising, and come under the umbrella of marcoms, a blend of marketing and communication.

As soloists you need to ensure you have a range of this activity covered as the successful integration and application of all these strategies will ensure not only profitable results for your business but an increase in exposure, recognition and brand reputation.

Here’s a quick checklist to see if you’re incorporating these tactics into your role.

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Client sales calls and visits, building referral networks, database management, new product development and product sales, affiliate programs or alliance opportunities.


Internal and external through e-newsletters, articles, publications, annual reports, brochures, direct mail, postcards and other communication collateral.


Classifieds, display advertising, yellow pages, billboards, radio, Internet and google ads.

Event management

Trade shows, open days, networking events, seminars, speaking opportunities, office drinks or business lunch.

Media strategy

Sending out media releases, publicity editorial, interviews and photo opportunities, building media relationships, media site visits, media launches.

New media management

Website content, website promotion, e-Books, e-newsletters, blogs, online networks, search engine optimisation.


Competitions or giveaways, promotional products like caps, mugs, stickers, product samples.

As you can see there’s a host of activity to include when you’re brand building a business or your own personal brand.

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