Measuring business performance

- March 10, 2009 < 1 MIN READ

In this video I speak with Stacey Barr about measuring the performance of a small business. How do we know where to focus our effort? By closely observing what works. Stacey shows us how.

As you’ll see, Stacey Barr is very passionate about something that frankly most of us don’t think is particularly sexy. I certainly didn’t!

Stacey has spent the past 15 years consulting with the public sector, not-for-profits and corporate organisations. She knows what what matters most when it comes to ramping up business performance, and has distilled that experience into something very practical and powerful for small business.

In case you hadn’t realised, Stacey Barr is one of our stable of fine contributors. Be sure to check out these articles written by Stacey: