Measuring performance in your solo business

- October 8, 2008 2 MIN READ

In the Corporate World, measuring performance and performance reviews are a common occurence. Three years into my journey as a soloist I have begun to wonder how I can create better performance review processes for myself.

In the Corporate World, performance reviews are always underpinned by good intention, even though their effectiveness for measuring performance varies from business to business. In general, it is a time for the employee to reflect on how they have progressed and share how they would like to be further supported or developed and where they would like to improve. The idea is plans are put into place to ensure the right actions occur over the next 6 or 12 months.

It is a chance for the employer to reflect and share the same things from their perspective.

So how do you recreate this as a soloist? It’s true that I regularly request feedback from my clients which is very helpful but it is not the same as a performance review. Clients are only able to give feedback on their experience of coaching and me as their coach. However, the time I spend coaching is only a portion of my “role” within my business.

Who will review my performance in other areas such as marketing, networking, administrative processes, new products and initiatives? Am I destined to have to fulfil both role of employer and employee to have a performance review or are there other ways of measuring performance to achieve this with more objectivity?

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Every year when I create my business plan, I take time to self review and continue this process during the year. What I feel I am missing is an objective perspective. The point of view which reflect back to me the things I cannot see for myself.

Do you ever miss the Performance Review process? Have you created a system for measuring performance that addresses those needs for you as a soloist?

I would love to hear your thoughts – let’s get the conversation flowing in the comments section below.

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