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Meet Crocks: Australia’s #1 bloke

- April 7, 2018 2 MIN READ

Imagine if we spoke about ourselves the way some businesses speak about themselves. Imagine no more, Crocks is loving himself sick.

Looking for THE man? You’ve come to the right place!

With two multi-award winning model children, sparkling wit, harder than rock hard abs and a flawlessly gorgeous wife who can knit and lay a paver while turning the steak only once, Crocks© is truly one of the world’s leading integrated males.

Recently rated unanimously as the #1 Australian bloke*, Crocks’ credentials are unrivalled and peerless, as well as second-to-none.

With loin-quiveringly good looks, forearms like baby seals and boyish charm, he is Ringleader of the rugby league touring team, Media Mogul and King of the Kids all rolled into one innovative package.

Crocks means big business

With a combined experience of 40-odd years in the world, he is a living, breathing core competency. He readily devises long-term partnerships that are mutually win-win. That’s synergy. He devises stretch targets that empower teams to take ownership of red flags and fast-track best-practices. That’s wicked.

As an entrepreneur, he’s the guy Steve Jobs most admired. The way he moves makes Hugh Jackman weep. The men want to be him. The women want their men to be him, too.

Online, on-demand and always at your fingertips

Crocks© is both a Mac and a PC. He’s now available as a mobile version, cloud-based subscription and iPad app. He looks exactly the same on every browser, even IE5. Beyond integration, everything he says is instantly published on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and streamed via podcast – but everyone’s still on the same page.

If you can get up to speed on his outside-the-box mindset, Crocks© will realign your benchmarks and proactively boost your triple bottom line. All at the touch of a button.

End-to-end bespoke solutions

Want a shoulder to cry on? Call Crocks© . Want to reverse-list your tech biz on the NASDAQ? Crocks© is the man who’s on the money. Want to lose five kilos in five days with no exercise? Crocks©  does that once a week.

Put simply Crocks© delivers personalised one-to-one solutions to satisfy you, your business and your loved ones.

But that’s not all. Crocks© sports a massive sports watch and a jaw as wide as the mag wheels on his ‘just-cleaned’ black European car. Having sold his dotcom 4 minutes before the crash, he now loves nothing better than giving back.

Crocks© currently has some bandwidth and looks forward to touching bases soon. Act now.

Want to blow your own trumpet? Just do it by posting a comment below.

*100% of the vote in self-rating survey

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