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Member must reads, part 3

- September 20, 2014 2 MIN READ

Sharon Chim, Wayne Davis and Stacey share the books that have had the most influence on the way they run their business.

Sharon Chim

The book that I absolutely loved and learnt lots from is #girlboss by Sophie Amoruso.

Having an online business myself for over nine years now, I could completely understand everything she went through to get her business off the ground  doing everything herself from sourcing products, taking product photos, writing product descriptions, uploading the product, and packing the orders everyday. Her success is amazing and well deserved.

I discovered how she really connected with her customers through social media  an inexpensive and clever way to attract her target market of girls to her online store.

I really enjoyed reading how the company grew into what it is today  not an easy ride to the top by any means.

I read this book in less than five hours wish there were more like it.


The Bible is the book that has had the most influence on the way I run my business.

Yep that’s right. I don’t and will never shove my spiritual beliefs down anyone’s throat but in the spirit of honesty, this is the book that influences and helps shape how I go about my business. As strange as it sounds, I’m not in business to make money, I’m in business to help other people with their own journeys, through my unique gifts and talents. Money is just something that allows me to keep doing that and help more people.

The principles in this book guide how I run my life, how I operate my business and how I treat those people who enter my life. For example:

1. Give and help others as much as I can and is humanly possible

2. Love my clients and those people who cross my path

3. Do what I can to lift others up

For the spiritual among us, looking to your chosen “guide” book is a great way to make sure your business aligns with your values and beliefs as well as allowing you to keep authenticity.

Wayne Davis

One of the most profound things to ever happen in my life was finding stillness and presence inside.  This did not just have an impact on my business life, but my whole life. It stemmed from being at a low point, but I was told to research ‘mindfulness meditation’, and so I did, and since that first contact with being mindful and present, I have been on an incredible journey. 

One of the best resources for me has been a book called A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. This book is profound and it changed my life instantly and irreversibly. 

The main components of the book are these: we all have a constant stream of thought going through our minds. Example, we have all driven a familiar road, then realised that we have no memory of the last 10 or 20 minutes. We are essentially unconscious, living that time in our heads. The book teaches to disidentify with that stream of thought and be present, in the moment.  Also, it teaches not to identify with those autonomic thoughts as truth. Example “I can’t do this” is just a thought, there is nothing objectively true about it. 

Changed my life. 🙂


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