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- July 5, 2018 3 MIN READ

It seems I’m not alone in appreciating a witty business name. If you can’t get enough of funny business names either, you’ll be laughing out loud at these! From Amy’s Winehouse and Florist Gump, to Booze Brothers and Sit Happens dog training, here’s an all-new list of punny names for your perusal.

In a recent article I shared my long held delight in businesses that have funny names, and asked members of the Flying Solo community to share examples that got them giggling too.

This lot made my original list:

More nominations came in thick and fast here on the Flying Solo website, on our associated Facebook and Instagram posts, and via private messages and chats with people who got a kick out of the article.

Some were so side-splittingly funny that they were too good to keep to myself, so I’m delighted to present an all-new list of punny business names for your perusal, and hope that there’ll be more instalments to follow too.

In narrowing down the candidates for this fresh crop of funny names, it soon became clear that business owners in certain industries have a particular penchant for witty names – and that while us Aussies give them a run for their money, those in the UK take it to a higher art form.

All the rest of us have some catching up to do, so without further ado, the nominations are…

Thai-ed for first place: every Thai restaurant EVER

Of all the players, Thai restauranteurs are clearly the champions in the Funny Name Stakes. No Aussie town would be complete without some variation on a Thaiphoon (whose tag line is, ‘A storm full of flavours’), Thai Tanic or BoThai, however my personal favourite is Thai Me Kangaroo Down, Sport.

Runners up: purveyors of food and bev

Food and grog merchants also take pride in delighting us with their humorous business names. Some of my favourites include the Booze Brothers chain of bottle shops in South Australia (Jake and Elwood would be very proud), and Dickins Cider from Tasmania, which was nominated by Rhiannon Murphy on Facebook. (Say that last one out loud to fully appreciate its splendour… but probably not in front of the kids).

In this category business owners in the UK really start to shine. I have a soft spot for both Planet of the Grapes and Amy’s Winehouse, but for me the two standouts in this category are London-based Nincomsoup (where they proudly advertise that they specialise in ‘liquid assets’) and on my next trip to England I will definitely be getting a kebab at a famous food truck in Bristol called Jason Donervan.

Close third: trees, flowers and gardens galore

Those with a green thumb seem to have a unique appreciation for high-quality punny names. Among my favourite nominations in this category were the Tree Amigos (tree surgeons, who were nominated by Rennae Baker on Facebook), and Lawn in Order (suggested by @decafboy).

However, florists are the real leaders of the pack here. It seems they all got together and decided to name themselves after movies from the 80s and 90s, so frontrunners in this category include a florist in Texas called Austin Flowers and from the UK (again!), Back to the Fuchsia.

But the clear winner is Florist Gump in Western Australia, where they undoubtedly spend all day running around town with deliveries (and where I sincerely hope they offer boxes of chocolate as well as bunches of flowers!)

Honourable mention: seriously funny IT dudes

They may have a reputation for being a bit serious, but IT businesses deserve an honourable mention when it comes to funny business names. Two great examples are Hire Intelligence (IT hire, another quality recommendation from @decafboy) and Efficient Chips (IT support, nominated by Cindy Lemur on Facebook).

Winners of the X-rated category: Tradies and construction companies

It’s worth pointing out that some of the best punny names are also fairly bawdy. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence and not a reflection of the mindset in the industry at all, but tradies and construction types unashamedly take first place in the X-rated category.

Full disclosure: I suspect some of the nominations in this category may be urban myths rather than actual business names, but in the interests of protecting my eyeballs from things I don’t want to see, I haven’t Googled all of the nominations in this category!

If you’re braver than me, knock yourself out Googling Hard Core Penetrations (concrete cutting) nominated by Purdey Santucci on Facebook, and Well Hung Doors (another fine suggestion from Rennae Baker).

Think before you name!

This last point is something to consider when choosing your own funny business name: If potential clients are scared to Google it for fear of what they may find, the value of the pun and its memorability may work against you rather than for you!

That said, I hope you’ll agree that together we’ve unearthed another bumper crop of funny-bone tickling business names this time around.

If you know of any more that you’d like to nominate for a future update, please share the details below.

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