Multitasking myths, exit advice and a website mistake to avoid

- October 19, 2017 2 MIN READ

This week’s must-read

A big hooray to Lucinda Lions for rubbishing the terribly over-hyped ‘skill’ of multitasking.

Doing the same amount of things, just faster and more mindlessly is a second-rate solution to a permanent state of busyness.

Lucinda writes:

“If heavy multitasking becomes your constant, go-to way of existence, particularly in the area of media multitasking, you could be paying a big mental and productivity price. So boost performance and productivity by focusing on a single task. You’ll do it better, faster and with far fewer mistakes.”

Soloist Life

In this week’s community profile, contributor Elissa Doxey confesses: “I had always thought of myself as a terrible networker, but I actually enjoy it now. I’m not great at the old elevator pitch – I much prefer a conversation – but I find networking events much more interesting as a business owner than I did as an employee.”

New and renewing members

This week’s new members are Jam Jar Cowork, memory imprint and InsureandGo Australia Travel Insurance. Welcome on board! Renewing for another year are Affect Media, Brad Thomas and Tax Effective Accountants.

Tech Tip

Ingrid Moyle gets real about the dubious value of website sliders: “Not only does no-one click on your website slider, they come with a tonne of features that actively damage your website’s results.” Don’t miss her detailed explanation of this misguided mistake in this week’s column.


How many phone calls does it take you to get a new client? If you can’t answer, listen to Robert’s chat with Ingrid Thompson, a mentor for passionate health professionals who need help with the business aspects of their business.

From the forums: Exit advice needed

We’re sorry to read an ongoing illness will likely mean Deb and her husband need to sell their successful glass business. Member Mischelle’s identified three starting points to give clarity in this stressful time: “You will need your last 5 years financials… and all your paperwork and figures. Then decide how you’re going to sell it.”

Ever sold or exited a business? What advice would you give Deb and her husband?

Productivity Tip

“If you’re going to be the person generating business, invest in sales training. Having a great product or service will not convert into profits without you understanding who your customer is… and how your product fits into the market.” writes contributor Naomi Stockman on start-up success.


“I find that it’s when I’m relaxing on a weekend or enjoying a good glass of wine that the most wonderful business ideas flutter in on silver wings.”

Contributor Bronwyn Simmonds reveals her happy place.

When/where do your best ideas arrive? Share in the comments.