Nerve-busting tips for media interviews

- July 16, 2014 2 MIN READ

Media interviews can be daunting, but with these seven tips in your soloist suitcase, you’ll be a media pro in no time.

The more media interviews you do, the less nervous you’ll get. Until that point though, let’s look at seven tips that will help you to manage your nerves. 

1. Be prepared 

Put simply, the more prepared and practiced you are, the more confident you’ll feel. 

2. Reframe your thinking

Rather than focusing on the fact that you’re about to be interviewed, consider that you’re about to have a friendly conversation. Treat the interview as though you’re having a cup of coffee with a friend, and don’t focus on the fact that others are listening or watching. I especially do this when being interviewed on television. I say to myself “I’m just having a chat”. 

3. Believe 

It’s important to believe that your advice and opinions are of value to others. When you truly believe this, you’ll be passionate and fired up. People will hear the enthusiasm in your voice and they’ll love it!

4. Stay hydrated

Having a drink of water about five minutes before you speak will help to moisten your throat and reduce coughs and splutters. 

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5. For radio, consider standing up

When I’m being interviewed on radio I like to stand up rather than crumpling up in a chair somewhere. It helps me feel more energetic and confident. 

6. Get rid of all distractions

Focus 100 per cent on the person who is interviewing you. The audience will pick up if you’re distracted and it won’t come across well. On radio, it can also help to close your eyes so that you can really focus on the question. 

7. Put fears into context

Are you afraid that you’ll be asked questions you can’t answer? The reality is that you know more about your topic than the interviewer and the audience, so believe in your experience and ability. The interviewer simply wants to extract useful information from you, so smile and share. 

Preparation and positivity can go a long way in helping to manage your interview nerves. Practice makes perfect, so go forth and be interviewed! 

Do you have some nerve-busting tips for media interviews?

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