New Australian Stimulus Package website goes live in response to COVID-19

- March 26, 2020 < 1 MIN READ

A new website Stimulus Package has been launched from the Central Coast of NSW today, to help to arm all Australians with information regarding the recently implemented Stimulus Packages. Individuals and businesses will be able to locate and easily sort through all applicable support packages offered by the Federal and State Government to help ease financial pressures and better navigate the tough times ahead.

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, both Federal & State Governments have released billions of dollars in stimulus packages. Each package is designed to help Australian individuals and businesses transit the challenging economic times ahead while encouraging investment, accelerating depreciation deductions and keeping Australians working.

After hearing some of the difficulties expressed by his clients, colleagues, friends and family while trying to locate stimulus package information, Troy Roennfeldt knew something had to change. As the General Manager of Increaseo, Troy and his team decided to create the Stimulus Package website as a resource for all Australians to benefit from during these difficult times.

“I was struggling to find all the information on stimulus packages that was relevant to my business and I realised other’s were likely to be in the same boat,”explained Mr. Roennfeldt. “Our team decided to build a resource that brought all the information together into one place as well as provide information about other critical support services and innovative solutions that are critical at this moment in time.”

By collating the information across various Federal and Statement Government websites, Increaseo have made it simple to find the information required on the stimulus package that is relevant to every individual Australian’s needs.

In addition to the many Stimulus Packages offered by the Government, Increaseo is also pulling information together from various social service and support group websites to aid in helping individuals navigate through the pandemic and economic downfall.

For more information please visit www.stimuluspackage.com.au

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