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Niche marketing: the business specialist

- September 30, 2017 2 MIN READ

When it comes to working smarter we shouldn’t overlook niche marketing and the benefits of positioning yourself as a business specialist. Here are five compelling reasons to do just that.

1. Business specialists have opinions

As you become immersed in your area of speciality, so you develop strong opinions. These opinions may be about a particular area within the scope of your work or they may be about the circles within which you operate.

For example, if you’re a retailer, your opinion may be about the products you sell, issues concerning the people you sell to, or issues to do with being a retailer.

The point is, opinions matter. People value your opinions – your customers, your contacts, your network, the media. Speak up about your views and before too long you will be approached for opinion.

Ponder for a moment: Your customers, your contacts, your network, the media… all approaching you for your opinion. How does it feel?

2. As an aid to generating referral

In simple terms, for referrals to be generated, people need to know what you do and who you do it for.

By establishing yourself as a specialist in a given field, you make it easier for acquaintances, friends, fans and advocates to talk about you.

Got trouble with your feet? Need work on your gums? Want to get more clients? Who you gonna call?

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3. Helps maintain focus

Focus is fabulous. Henry David Thoreau had it right all along. So if you’d like to “meet with a success unexpected in common hours” you’ll give it your attention. By becoming a specialist, focus moves from being an optional extra to standard equipment. You simply have no choice.

4. Business specialists command a premium

Recently in a crisp little surgery with art on the walls and James Taylor playing on the stereo a very nice man in white Birkenstock sandals spent 40 mins prodding around in my mouth. It cost me $500.

I am not complaining, I’m merely illustrating a point: If you dedicate yourself to your area of speciality and over time, truly become a specialist, you can charge a premium for your work.

5. You’ll open a door to serial-specialism

Once you have tasted the benefits of becoming a specialist, you’re likely to see opportunities for more. A good place to start is to look at your current client base and search for specialised commonalities in the work you do.

A valuable exercise can be to ask the question of clients: What do you get from working with me that you did not anticipate at the outset?

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