Nifty ideas for growing your business

- May 25, 2009 2 MIN READ

Every minute counts! If you find yourself with some spare time in your diary here are some original ideas to grow your business in every direction.

Whether you have five, fifteen or fifty minutes to spare there is always something you can do to optimise these valuable timeslots and grow your business.

Five minutes to spare?

  • Enhance your network and forward a newsletter you have received to a client who you think will find it interesting. They will appreciate that you have thought of them, and are not just trying to sell, sell, sell.
  • Monitor the media, set up a Google alert for your business and keep updated on the latest relevant Google results for your business.
  • Invite your children into your office to show them how to stamp and label business envelopes, giving them their first taste of the business world!
  • Enjoy some ‘me’ time, perhaps use the time to meditate.
  • Save some money, and help save the world, too, by looking around your office and turning off whatever does not need to be on.

15 minutes to spare?

  • Join your school alumni network and investigate if they have any business networking opportunities.
  • Grow your business the easy way and look at the website of someone in your industry, but based in the USA. Are they doing something that you could be doing here in Australia?
  • Improve your website search rankings, post three blog comments on three different blogs, including a hyperlink back to your own website where possible.
  • Work smarter and book a small business advisory visit with the ATO for free and helpful tax assistance with no strings attached
  • Improve your cash flow; follow up on accounts receivable, a quick friendly call may pull the payment forward to the next pay run.

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Fifty minutes to spare?

  • Rejuvenate yourself, grab the mail, walk to the post office and enjoy a break during the day.
  • Strategise by rereading through your business plan, are you on track or does it need updating?
  • Stimulate the economy by buying some new clothes: first impressions count.
  • Check your GST, run the last quarter through the MYOB company data auditor or equivalent and review any highlighted areas.
  • Improve your technical prowess and spend some time learning advanced features in software you use regularly.

What do you do to grow your business when you have a spare moment on the calendar?

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