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Note to self: Slow down

- March 28, 2011 2 MIN READ

One person in particular needs to get the following message: Me. But if you’re moving too fast for comfort, I’m happy to share.

Actually, as I write this I’m moving deliciously slowly. I’d go as far as to describe myself as relaxed. I’m in my favourite inner city café, enjoying a coffee with someone who really needs my attention.  Yes, you guessed it: Me.  

Lately, things have gone nuts at FSHQ and we’re fast realising that a growing community has growing needs and that means more of everything. More good stuff, more not so good stuff and a stack in the middle. At any rate, more work. 

The result of all this has been a constant feeling of pressure which in my case manifests in some very unattractive ways. Not daring to ask those close to me what those ‘pressure signals’ might look like, here’s my interpretation: 

I’m somewhat abrupt in both the written and spoken word

I’m economical with niceties

I have a tendency to quash creativity by jumping to conclusions

I don’t listen as carefully

I spread pressure to others quite unnecessarily

I don’t allow space to reflect and contemplate 

If Jane or Jay read this they’d definitely add a few of their own. Yes, my bad habits extend to my home life. 

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So what to do about it? Well I’ve got to say that sharing with tens of thousands of others is already feeling like a good move and aside from that I intend to: 

1. Do a comprehensive braindump: Look out whiteboard.

2. Prioritise these points: Mass deleting along the way.

3. Silence the screamers: Eat frogs, confront elephants.

4. Tidy up my desk: Always a great move.

5. Book time out: Now, where’s that kayak?

6. Spread some love: Colleagues, family get ready for tears. Mine. 

Phew, that’s such a weight off my shoulders. Thanks for listening.  Want to make a confession of your own? Or perhaps you have tips for relieving the pressure. Either way, spill the beans below. 

I know I’m supposed to know all this, but when you’re travelling quickly stuff blurs doesn’t it? Please tell me what you think and if I’ve been a bit abrupt with YOU recently, perhaps we can do coffee sometime. My shout.