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‘One thing’ – the super simple way to boost sales

- March 20, 2017 2 MIN READ

Have you got loads of ideas whizzing around your head, few of which you actually explore or act on? If so, here’s a super-simple strategy to boost sales:

Do one thing. 

No matter what your everyday goals or tasks, cull them back, strip them down, and just get started with one, small thing.

Anything, just one thing.

Here’s why.

Many years ago I did a fiction writing course. As some writers will attest, their home offices are clean enough to rent out as birthing suites because whenever it’s time to write, they tidy/clean/sterilise in a flurry of HAZMAT-grade procrastination. So, to overcome this procrastination, the writing teacher provided this tip: Set your daily writing goal to just one word.

The reasons why he suggested this tip are fairly obvious, but let’s look at the benefits in more detail:

  • Worst case, if you do just one word, at least you’ve started. Getting started is the most effective way to fight procrastination, thanks to the Zeigarnik Effect. The Zeigarnik Effect is a construct of the mind that compels you to finish a task you’ve started. If you don’t finish the task, you feel unhappy and unfulfilled.
  • Again, worst case, if you write only one word, at least you feel a sense of completion that you met your goal, rather than a sense of frustration or failure.
  • If you’ve written one word, you’ll likely write another. Heck, you might even write three And lookout, is that an entire paragraph? You wild, Shakespearean, coyote-like genius!

At the time of writing this article, Kelly Exeter wrote on this exact topic in her weekly Flying Solo editorial column.

She shared how she’d provided a friend with some business ideas and advice, but as she was talking to him, his eyes glazed over. Kelly knew what was happening and it had nothing to do with instant-onset conjunctivitis (which I just made up). He was actually becoming overwhelmed, which meant he’d do nothing. Take no action. Stay still and stuck. Feel frustrated again in the future.

Her advice to all of us?

Just pick one tiny thing.

Why? Because doing Something beats doing Nothing. Right?

If your business life would be easier if you had 10 clients paying a retainer of $400 a month, do one tiny thing towards getting just one client paying a retainer of $400 a month. Like, send an email.

Commit to doing one tiny thing each week.

That way, in three months’ time, instead of having the same set of frustrations you had three months earlier, you’ll have done 12 tiny things towards something that will make your business life easier. Once you experience the payoff of doing those tiny things, it will be easier to do the next tiny things. You might even start doing one tiny thing a day!

Imagine the power of that!

Yup, powerful indeed.  And it relates to any and every business activity, no matter how big or small.

One last thing…

As you can see, the ‘one tiny thing’ strategy can achieve fairly massive results. And best of all, it’s so easy to implement. Also, you’ll achieve more, be frustrated less and live without regrets. Now, that’s more than one thing to be happy about!

What one thing have you worked on lately?  Or, what are your thoughts on this strategy to boost sales?